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We heart cardio!

by Thrive Fitness Workouts

Ah, cardio. So many benefits, so little consideration. Are you making the most out of your cardio workout?


Here’s how you put heart into your cardio.




This is one of our personal favorites. Running can burn up to 600 calories per hour, and is great for upgrading your immune system. Not only does it reduce the risk of having a stroke and blood clots, it also battles diseases such as osteoporosis.


Going on a run isn’t just good for your physical health. By making running a regular part of your life you can reduce the effects of stress and relieves depression.


Running often gets labeled booring compared to other more high powered exercises.

Our argument is that you’re just not doing it right.


  • Craft a killer playlist.

Music gets you into the zone. It’s a fact. Before you hit the streets/treadmill choose a list of your most upbeat tunes and the time will fly by. Trust us, you’re going to enjoy it.


  • Challenge yourself:

You might be stuck in a rut or simply lacking motivation. Try a challenge. It will bring out your inner competitor and drive you to achieve new goals..A great place to start is Shape’s 30-day #RunIntoShape challenge.


There might be more modern exercises, but running is a classic and we all know that classics never go out of fashion.




Speaking of classics, cycling is an age-old favorite. Appropriate for any age, cycling has been known to ease osteoarthritis and fight the effects of aging.


Other benefits include improved sleep, immune system and mood. You’ll look good and get fitwithout realizing it!

Don’t have a bike? No problem! At our gyms you can have your pick of indoor bicycles. All the benefits, minus the hassle.


Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Join one of our lively community classes, you’ll love it!


Jump rope:


This tribute to your childhood will be a lot harder than you remember.Burning up to 1000 calories per hour, jumping rope makes for a great cardio workout. No wonder kids are always hungry!

Continuous skipping equals a full high-intensity workout with all the aerobic and cardio benefits. For those of you have forgotten, here’s a handy guide to safe skipping:

  • Choose the correct length. You can test the length by standing on the handles, the rope is the correct length if the middle reaches your sternum.
  • Jump on the balls of your feet.
  • Don’t swing your shoulders/arms too much


If you’re too shy to jump by yourself, rope in a few pals! Thrivers are so much fun, you’ll probably have a legion of skippers before long!




HIIT is a series of high-powered exercises done in quick succession with short periods of rest in between, designed to get your heart pumping. For a more in-depth explanation and examples, check out this article.


Still not sure what to do? Ask one of our trainers, they’d love to help out!


"HIIT training is extremely effective and a great way to get your sweat on. You'll be sure you'll never get bored because there's so much you can do with an HIIT type of workout! I love a whole "lotta" Tabata!" - Danielle Sanusi, Thrive fitness instructor.

Jumping to a conclusion:


Cardio has an untold number of benefits and can be so much fun if you put in a little effort. Try our suggestions, mix it up and find your combination.

Put your heart into it and thrive.

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