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Are you making these mistakes at the gym?

by Thrive Fitness Fitness, Workouts

Is your workout going nowhere? Is it leaving you with the wrong kind of pain, etc, etc, etc...


It doesn’t matter what’s going wrong, it’s happening.


This means it’s time to do some self-examination and find out where the problem lies. We’ve compiled a list of common mistakes that people make at the gym and how to fix them.


Problem: Wandering in the wilderness


If you were going camping in the wilderness, you’d have a clear destination and a way to get there. Your workout routines requires the same thought and preparation. Otherwise, you’re jumping from routine to routine, and never really getting there.


Solution: Focus.


What do you want? How are you going to get there? Do some research, or ask one of our trainers. A great solution is setting a goal. Goals keep you focused and get you from point A to point B more quickly.


Problem: You’re doing it wrong.


Squats and lunges are some of the easiest and effective exercises out there. Until you do them wrong. It can be surprisingly easy to do these exercises without knowing that your form is wrong. Then… BAM! Your knees are killing you.


Solution: “The biggest mistake I see people do over and over in the gym is squats and lunges with the weight in their toes and heels coming up off the ground, as soon as I get them to keep the weight through their heels, almost always thee knee pain goes away.” says Caitlin Ritt, a private trainer at Sports Club/LA, U.S.


Problem: Only one set.


You’re working hard to define those muscles and make them strong. But, you’re only doing one set of each particular exercise. That should be enough, right? Wrong.


Solution: Repetition is key.


Doo at least 2-4 sets of each exercise. This is often more effective than a wide array of exercises. Variety is good, but sets take precedence.


Problem: Your cardio. That’s not how you’re supposed to do it.


You’re either not doing enough or doing too much. Either way, it’s not helping you in any way.


Solution: The ideal cardio workout sweet spot is between 25-45 minutes.


Anything below or beneath that is not going to work out well. Too little and you’re wasting your time. Too much and you’re exhausting yourself, and basically wasting your time.


Problem: You’re sticking close to your comfort zone.


This isn’t helping you in any way. The point of working out is to challenge yourself, move forward and improve. No-one has ever made a success of themselves from the comfort of their zone.


Solution: Jump in head first.


Go for gold. Sign up for a class you’ve never taken before, try something different. It doesn’t matter, the world is your oyster! Go mad, just do something new. Leave that comfort zone behind.


Problem: You’re relying too heavily on machines.


The machines at the gym are great for guiding you through the fitness world. But, they can’t take you all the way. The danger is that you’ll neglect the more important aspects of your workout and hit a plateau.


Solution: Jump, lunge, push.


Spend some time on your strength exercises and kick it old school.


In conclusion: Your workout is supposed to be beneficial and enjoyable.


Most of the mistakes on this list can be easily rectified with minimal effort. Make the most out of your workout, fix your mistakes. There are thousands of mistakes out there, and none of us are perfect. So do some self-inspection and see where you can improve.


After all, you’re doing this to thrive.

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