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The Dad Bod Dilemma

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You may have noticed it gradually. Or maybe, the realization hit you like a bucket full of ice water. The dad-bod... you have it.

This is a social phenomenon that needs to be dealt with. It is something that people joke about, but it can happen to you. So, what is it? What caused it? And how can you fix it?

What Is A Dad Bod?

A dad bod is the once toned body of a man who regularly went to the gym, that softened due to the presence of children. True, it is Mum who experiences the most physical changes, but that does not mean that Dad doesn't!

In fact, a study in the American Journal Of Men’s Health showed that although there is a definite correlation between age and BMI. But men who became fathers gained weight faster. This might be because the arrival of children is a stressful time for parents.

What Causes The Dad Bod?

As any parent can attest to, a baby changes your life. Between the extra work you take on to support another mouth, you also have to wake up and help feed them or change diapers. The pressure does not ease up, and you find that you have no time for anything, let alone the gym. Your diet is not as carefully planned out as before, and you find yourself just grabbing whatever is in the fridge.

And this is where the dad bod begins to form. Now, the dad-bod is not about body-shaming or your physique. It has to do with health. Once you have children, your own well-being takes a back seat. You promise yourself you’ll get back into the health game as soon as their older, but then years go by and your dad bod becomes more prominent.

Another factor is the fact that as you age, there are changes in your physiology. Your muscle mass decreases, as well as your metabolic rates and testosterone levels.

There is also something called Couvade syndrome. This is a syndrome where dads experience the same symptoms their pregnant wives do, such as increased anxiety levels, morning sickness and weight gain. Although it has not been recognized by the medical community yet, there have been extensive studies that prove the effects of Couvade syndrome.

How To Fix It:

It may feel like you will never have the same physique as when you were younger, and maybe that is true. But you can regain your health and fitness, and create a better physique while you’re at it! You need to learn how to fit fitness into your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

  • Work out efficiently. Instead of working out for an hour, choose exercises that do the same job, but in less time. Ask one of our trainers for some pointers!
  • Create a schedule and stick to it. Be flexible, but make sure you stick to it!
  • Choose anything over nothing. You won’t be able to do as much as you want to everyday, but choose to do something.
  • Track your activity. This way you will be motivated to continue when you see progress.
  • Use competitions. Competitions are a major motivation that can keep you on track. In fact, there are many family-oriented activities. Why not make fitness a family pursuit?

The Dad Bod- Not A Dilemma

The dad bod is a social phenomenon that is even featured on urban dictionary. So, you don’t have as much time to yourself as you used to. But fitness and health should not be something you do in your spare time anyway.

There are a lot of ways that you can fix the problem. This is not about your physique. This is about your health, your fitness and your self-worth. You’re a dad, that means that you have certain responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to be around for a long time.

In fact, bring your little responsibilities around for a great time in our kiddies’ play area, while you work on that dad bod. You won’t have to worry about them while you work out, they will be taken care of by qualified professionals. As you work out your body, they will be working out their imaginations!



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