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Bringing Renewed Balance to Life

by Thrive Fitness Wellness

Living in modern society can be exhilarating. We are more aware of living healthy, conscious and productive lives. Technology keeps rapidly developing, information is more available than ever, while perceptions are adapting. Life may have never been this exciting before. And we wouldn't want it any other way!

But life with endless possibilities has its drawbacks. Are you busy enough, productive enough, energetic enough, left with enough time at the end of it all, and rested enough? Very little chance of that always being the case!

Is it possible to even find harmony? We believe it is, so we have gathered some of the best tips around to help you shift the balance back when needed.

Take Control.

Balance happens when we make it happen.

As intuitive and intelligent beings we are wired to sense when things are off. But we are also masters at fooling ourselves. Ask yourself honest questions to pinpoint specific areas where you may need to tighten the reins, or even let loose a bit more. And be prepared to face your monsters!

  • Tackle the sensitive things:

Find your courage and identify your stressors. Be it money issues, work stress, time management or family challenges. Sometimes all we need is to lay these out on the table, and the solutions may even be totally apparent. Just facing them will already lighten some of the load.

  • Remember the happy things:

When last did you do some of the things you really enjoy? Some happy habits can get lost in all the distraction of life, even when life is absolutely what you dreamed of. Ask yourself: “When last did I…” and sit back. It will come to you!

  • Drag the time wasters out in the open

Who doesn’t need more time? Find where you are wasting time on things that bring no benefit at all, and how you can replace this with things that contribute to your life in a positive manner.

  • Love

Consciously showing love and appreciation to family and friends will most surely be returned. Just a reminder!

A few habits that’ll help

A recent study showed that healthy habits do indeed lengthen our lifespan: “At age 50, women who didn’t adopt any of the five healthy habits were estimated to live on average until they were 79 years old and men until they were 75.5 years. In contrast, women who adopted all five healthy lifestyle habits lived 93.1 years and men lived 87.6 years.”

The cited habits were eating healthy, getting 3.5 hours of exercise every week, moderate drinking habits, not smoking and maintaining a healthy BMI. Since Thrivers are all healthy, let’s look at a few habits that will bring joy, calm and perspective to your life.

  • Get outside

Just schedule some outdoor indulgence. Apart from getting your vitamin D levels up, being there helps you improve your concentration and even heal faster. And really, who wouldn’t feel happier after a bout of breathing fresh air?

  • Get some plants

Keeping a few plants in the office and where you tend to spend lots of time, will help you to keep calm and relaxed. It also purifies the air, so you’ll get your dose of fresh oxygen so you are (sort of) covered for days when getting outside may not be possible.

  • Drink water

Interestingly, being dehydrated is not only bad for our physical health; research shows that it affects our emotional health as well by causing mood swings; including feelings of anxiety and anger. Definitely not a happy medium!

  • Reach out.

Since humans are quite adept at fooling ourselves, a good friend may be needed to bring perspective when we get stuck. Be the kind of friend that can take a reality check. So, get out there, do the coffee date and ask the difficult questions. But only now and then! Time with friends is for recharging, so don’t dwell on the negative.

  • Time out!

When thoughts are zooming through your brain at high speed, you will naturally feel drained. Whether it is a fun time out for the kids so you can breathe, or just stopping the crazy thought avalanche, take a few minutes and calm your thoughts. Focus on things you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how even a short reflection will re-energize you.

  • Smile, Laugh.

You know this makes you more happy with endorphins being released - old news, move on! There is new proof that laughter even improves short term memory in older people. Better mood and memory equals being better able to prioritize and balance life.

  • Get moving

We don’t have to remind any of you about the benefits and balance exercise brings to your lives. Remember, you can always check for class schedules on our app when you are on the go.

How Positivity brings Harmony

It is not always the easiest thing to have a positive outlook. No one should be telling you to ‘chin up’ and expect to solve anything. Rather, deciding for yourself to have a better outlook on life will do wonders.

It’s been proven that being positive improves the way we cope with life. Overall, people that have a more positive outlook on life deal with problems better, recover faster from setbacks, have better health and are even more prone to exercise than their lower outlook counterparts. Therefore, recognizing imbalances in your life will be easier.

Have you got a positive experience to share about bringing more harmony to life? Share it wit us in the comment section below!

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